Spatial Imaging

Trimble Spatial Imaging combines the precision of traditional point surveying with the compelling impact of images and scanning.  

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Trimble solutions are designed to minimize your time to deliverable, with automated tools to expedite activities from field data collection through processing and deliverable creation. From simple ortho-rectified images to comprehensive worksite scans, Trimble workflows are designed for rapid results.

View:  VX Spatial Station

VX Spatial Station

View: FX Laser Scanner

FX Laser Scanner

View: TX5 Laser Scanner

TX5 Laser Scanner

View: TX8 Laser Scanner

TX8 Laser Scanner

View: V10 Imaging Rover

V10 Imaging Rover

As a complete system solution, the Trimble V10 enables you to capture more critical information that can be transformed into enhanced, rich geospatial deliverables. With the Trimble V10, a picture is worth a thousand points. Call for a Demo (518) 438-6293.