Mapping & GIS Support

Our Mapping & GIS Support program offer services and customized solutions centered on Trimble’s mapping-grade GPS/GNSS systems including handheld computers, GNSS receivers, data collection software and office processing software.  These services include a combination of live and web-based support tools including general technical support & troubleshooting, Waypoint Priority Support, Trimble Priority Support, and direct access to a comprehensive  library of support bulletins, tech tips, software & firmware information, and other useful on-line tools. 

General MGIS Support and Troubleshooting

For general MGIS technical support and troubleshooting questions, customers are encouraged to contact us by phone or email as needed and every effort will be made to respond to these issues within one business day if a tech support representative is not immediately available. 

Phone: (518) 438-6293, option “2”


In many cases, prompt technical support will be required to a address an urgent need related to system installation, operation, or possible malfunction. For these types of support cases, a Waypoint representative will work closely with you to assess and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. If your case requires additional consultation, possible training or actual equipment repair work, your support representative will advise you accordingly on other related services that we can provide to assist you with these needs.

Waypoint MGIS Preferred Access Tech Support Program 

For technical support matters that go beyond basic troubleshooting for Mapping & GIS systems, we offer a paid Preferred Access Support Program that provides access to qualified MGIS specialist who can assist you with the use of your MGIS hardware or software for various applications. With the assistance of one our experienced professionals, you can use this support program to explore the full capabilities of your Trimble GPS/GNSS mapping system and apply this knowledge to your specific project application.

Call for further details (518) 438-6293

Trimble MGIS Priority Support

While Waypoint's experienced group of  MGIS professionals are well-trained to address most of your MGIS product support needs, we're also able to provide access to Trimble's MGIS This option gives you toll-free phone and email access to dedicated Trimble Priority Support staff, so you can obtain the help you need immediately. There are two types of Priority Support:

  • Annual Priority Support is purchased for the person who will access Priority Support staff. It provides 12 months of unlimited technical support, covering all Trimble Mapping & GIS equipment.
  • Pay as you go Priority Support is purchased on a per-call basis and is paid using a credit card when support calls are placed with Trimble. The number to call is 1-866-560-6200. 


 On-Line MGIS Support Resources

Many routine technical support matters can be addressed by our customers using the online support resources available here on our site and also on the Trimble website. On our Mapping & GIS products pages, we provide links to download Datasheets, FAQ's, Compatibility Tables, White Papers and Support Bulletins for each specific MGIS item that we supply. Much of this same information and other support content can also be accessed at the Trimble Support "A-Z" List.

For other on-line support resources, please check out our comprehensive On-Line Support Library