Survey GPS & Optical/Robotic System Rentals

General information and pricing for some of our featured survey rental ystems is included below. For more information on any of our available survey rental systems, training and related support services, please contact Harry Schultz at 518-438-6293, option "5" or by email at

Survey GPS & Optical/Robotic System - Featured Rentals

Trimble R8 GNSS RTK/VRS Rover

The Trimble R8 GNSS RTK/VRS Rover provides centimeter-level positioning in real-time when connected to a nearby GPS/GNSS Reference Station or, Single Baseline/VRS Network. Our standard rover includes an R8 GNSS Receiver mounted on a 2m Rangepole with TSC2 Controller running Trimble Survey Controller or Trimble Access. Rovers are also equipped with data-ready cell modems or wi-fi devices and configured to access RTK corrections via the Internet. This makes the R8 an ideal solution for topographic surveys, stakeout, high-accuracy GIS mapping and other general surveying projects.

Standard Rental Rates:

R8 GNSS Rover RTK/VRS Rover: $280/day; $900/week; $2,875/month


Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station

The Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station with Mag-Drive Technology provides unparalled tracking performance and maximum productivity on challenging project sites. Our S6 setup includes a 3" S6 Robotic instrument, Multi-track target, TSC2 Controller running Trimble Access or Survey Pro plus tripod, prism pole and related accessories. Whether used as part of one-person or two-person operation, the S6 delivers excellent results for stakeout, traverse and boundary surveys or general site surveying.

Standard Rental Rates:

S6 Robotic Total Station: $365/day; $1,175/week; $3,800/month


Trimble VX Spatial Station/3D Scanner

The Trimble VX is a versatile surveying system that combines the features of a Robotic Total Station with 3D Scanning capability. The complete VX system includes a 1" VX Robotic instrument, Multi-track target, TSC2 Controller running Trimble Access plus tripod, prism pole and related accessories plus tripod, prism pole and related accessories. In addition to handling a variety of surveying projects, the VX adds the ability to generate 3D point cloud data for civil, environmental, structural/architectural, mining and many other project applications that require accurate 3D data or surface modeling.

Standard Rental Rates:

VX Spatial Station: $440/day; $1,425/week; $4,600/month