GIS Tornado Antenna, w/o Magnet Inserts

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GIS Tornado Antenna, w/o Magnet Inserts


Catalog Number: 57972-20

Dual frequency GNSS antenna for high-accuracy applications with the GeoXH handheld and ProXH / ProXRT receivers

The Trimble Tornado™ external dual frequency antenna contains advanced technology for extremely low multipath, outstanding low elevation satellite tracking, and high phase center accuracy. Use the Tornado antenna together with a GeoXH™ handheld or GPS Pathfinder® ProXH™ receiver for high-accuracy mapping and GIS data collection.

The Tornado antenna can be mounted on a range pole, along with the GeoXH handheld or the ProXH receiver and field computer, to give you a convenient all-on-the pole solution.

The Trimble Tornado antenna's key features are:

  • GPS L1/L2
  • GLONASS L1/L2 and OmniSTAR capable (L-Band) when used with a GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver
  • SBAS capable (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
  • TNC antenna cable connector

You must also order the appropriate antenna cable for use with the Tornado antenna; the antenna is not shipped with a cable, instead you can choose the required cable type and length:


ModelAntenna cable part number

GeoXH handheld70800-15 (1.5 m) / 70800-50 (5 m)

GPS Pathfinder ProXH receiver70800-15 (1.5 m) / 70800-50 (5 m)

GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver85321-02 (1.6 m) / 85321-05 (5 m)

Note: The ProXRT receiver ships with a Trimble Tornado antenna and the 85321-02 (1.6 m) antenna cable.

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