SonarMite MILSpec™ Echo Sounder

The SonarMite MILSpec™ Echo Sounder is result of nearly two years research and development to further extend the boundaries of shallow water hydrographic surveying equipment. 

The introduction by Ohmex in 1997 of the SonarLite, the worlds first truly portable echo sounder system, has been a hard act to follow and it remains the portable instrument of choice in many survey companies around the world.

The release of the SonarMite instrument marks the next stage introducing a series of equipment designed around the WinSTRUMENT concept using the latest portable computer integrated with new measurement technologies. 

• 4 degree beam width
• Rugged, field-proven survey grade echosounder
• Bluetooth technology integrated with Windows
• Pocket PC devices
• Proven 'Smart' transducer design with QA output
• Internal rechargeable battery for all day use
• Easily integrated with other modern software & GPS technology

• Data collection software
• Heave, Pitch and Roll measurements
• Sound velocimeter
• Portable mounting bracket
• Rugged shipping case
• Extended warranty