Trimble® Pro Series

Power and flexibility in one gps reciever

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Trimble announces the next generation of the Trimble GPS Pathfinder® family—the Trimble Pro 6H and Pro 6T high-accuracy GNSS receivers for GIS and mobile mapping applications.

The Trimble Pro series lets customers configure a solution to match a wide range of work situations delivering unparalleled freedom of choice in professional GIS data collection.

Pro series receivers give customers the choice of:

  • Handheld or tablet data collector
  • Real-time or postprocessed workflows
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth®, serial, or USB to external devices
  • In a backpack, on a pole, or mounted on a vehicle

With the Trimble Pro series receiver customers can collect data their way, while maintaining the high-accuracy and position availability they need to stay productive.

Key features and benefits

Stay out of the shadows with Trimble Floodlight: For maximum productivity in high-accuracy applications, Trimble Floodlight™ technology in the Trimble Pro series lets customers take decimeter accuracy data collection into the toughest GNSS environments. Trees and buildings create “satellite shadows”, limiting the areas where field workers can reliably collect high-accuracy GNSS data. Using Floodlight, the Pro series keeps field teams productive without compromising on accuracy. They can work with fewer disruptions and ensure better data, faster data collection and higher field efficiency.

Built for intensive data collection campaigns: Trimble Pro series receivers are built to withstand the rigors of long hours in tough outdoor conditions yet optimized for high-accuracy GIS data collection workflows. The integrated antenna reduces the complexity of the complete system for fast setup and swift data collection campaigns. Field workers can be up and running with minimal training saving time and money.

Flexible to fit with the way customers work: With their preferred configuration, choice of real-time or postprocessed workflows, decimeter or submeter accuracy-levels, and optional Floodlight technology—Trimble Pro series receivers enable customers to work productively how and where they need to.

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