Trimble® TerraSync Software

Software for highly productive field GIS data collection and maintenance

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Trimble® TerraSync™ software is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance.

Integrating all the ways you collect data—with a GNSS handheld computer, laser rangefinder, or survey-grade equipment—it's a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.

Simple, efficient, and productive in the field—TerraSync software is the clear choice for collecting and maintaining high quality GIS data.

The TerraSync software makes the field data collection workflow seamless by including intelligent features such as map-centric operation, graphical status display, and the ability to record a position offset at the field worker’s fingertips. The TerraSync software also makes it easy to incorporate photo capture into the data collection workflow using a Trimble handheld with an integrated camera or the Trimble TrimPix™ Pro system. The software also includes the ability to use a data dictionary previously created in the Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software, based on the enterprise GIS to preserve data integrity.

To improve the field worker experience, the TerraSync user interface can be simplified, removing functionality to ensure maximum field productivity and eliminate potential configuration errors. The result is that field workers see the overview of a data form more clearly, avoiding confusion and guiding them through only required form sections, speeding up form completion without sacrificing accuracy.

The TerraSync software provides additional benefits for field workers involved in data maintenance activities. Assets can be viewed as a simple list, or on a color-coded map with an aerial photo or satellite image in the background for reference. Fast raster map background redraw makes it possible to work with much larger images in TerraSync, resulting in increased productivity and creating a more dynamic field worker experience.

The TerraSync software integrates seamlessly with a range of Trimble GNSS receivers to deliver the required accuracy level to meet company or regulatory requirements. The software supports postprocessing the data back in the office or using real-time differential GNSS corrections to improve data quality and accuracy. The TerraSync software can also be used to collect H-Star™ data for extra precision. Alternatively, optimal GNSS code processing accuracy can be achieved with a Trimble DeltaPhase™ technology-capable receiver.

Simple, efficient, and productive in the field—the TerraSync software is the clear choice for collecting and maintaining high quality GIS data.

Key features:

  • Software designed for efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance
  • Intelligent data capture based on conditional attribute collection requirements
  • Customizable user interface data to simplify the field worker experience
  • Robust support for vector or raster map backgrounds for verification of field data
  • Seamless GNSS control in the field for high quality position data
  • Runs on a wide range of Trimble handheld and tablet field computers
  • H-Star data collection for high accuracy with compatible Trimble receivers and handhelds
  • Real-time and postprocessed GLONASS support with compatible Trimble receivers and handhelds
  • Data collection for Trimble DeltaPhase processing provides improved postprocessed accuracy

The TerraSync software is available in two editions. For more information about the difference between the TerraSync Standard and Professional editions, see the Mapping & GIS Product Comparison.

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