Online Training Classes

The Waypoint Technology Group offers a collection of online training course designed to provide very cost-effective and convenient instruction on the use of Mapping and Surveying equipment. These courses are delivered via the Internet by one of our highly qualified instructors and can be scheduled to accommodate the needs of your organization. Below is a list of available classes, with additional information available by clicking on the relevant link. 

Mapping & GIS Classes

1001 – The Global Positioning System Overview

1002 – Data Dictionary Design and Updating       

1003 – Mission Planning and Receiver Configurations    

2001 – GPS Measurements in obstructed areas    

2002 – Geographical Data acquisition and utilization      

3001 – Introduction to Terrasync Field Software                            

3002 – Introduction to Pathfinder Office Software           

Survey Classes

101 - Submitting Raw GPS data to OPUS

102 - Using Background Files In TBC & Access Field Software

103 – Coordinate Seeding in Trimble Business Center (TBC)        

104 – Import/Export/Upload Formats & File types Using TBC & Trimble Access

105 – Data Views, Filtering and Building Selection Sets in TBC   

202 – Migration from TGO to TBC (Introduction to TBC)

203 – Grid and Ground 101          

204 – Traversing Methodology & Adjustment Styles Using Trimble Access

205 – Trimble Access Online Services

206 – Working with the Trimble Feature Definition Manager

207 – Baseline Processing and Quality Assurance         

208 – Network Adjustments    

209 – GPS Site Calibrations

210 – Basic Trimble Total Station Operation and Procedures       

303 – Optimizing Your GNSS Survey Style

304 – GPS Mission Planning and Network Design

305 – GNSS, Total Station, Level and Scan Data in TBC  

306 – Using Trimble Vision (Field to Finish) TBC to Trimble Real Works

307 – Processing Trimble V10 Imaging in TBC