306 – Using Trimble Vision (Field to Finish) TBC to Trimble Real Works

Background: Trimble Vision brings the instrument telescope to your field controller.  You can collect measurements and geo-tagged images to produce comprehensive, detailed data on project conditions and features.  By integrating the survey and design information with real-time images, you can verify that you have collected all the needed data before leaving the job site.  When we bring this data into Trimble Business Center (TBC) and/or Trimble Real Works software we can extract 3D points from the photos, create linework from these photos or use these data sets for different types of analysis.

Course Goals & Objectives:  During this module the user will learn some of the basic principles behind using ground based photogrammetry.  We will examine different field practices, settings and configurations when using the Trimble Vision.  On the office end, we will go over the workflows within TBC that are used to view, analyze and extract points from these photos.  Some different export routines will also be covered: Export to Google Earth, create your own image-based deliverables and/or send to Trimble Real Works software to combine with point cloud data or draw over the top of. 

Prerequisites:  Attendees will need to running TBC version 3.1 or higher to take this course.  They should also have some basic understanding of Geospatial field to finish workflow for data capture and deliverables.  Experience with Trimble Access, TBC and Trimble Real Works is advised.

Approximate Duration: 3 hours