LaserAce 1000

LaserAce 1000
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LaserAce 1000 rangefinder

Extend your reach with high-accuracy measurement of any location

Take the guesswork out of field work. The Trimble® LaserAce™ 1000 rangefinder lets you capture remote measurements in situations where previously it would be impractical or unsafe to do so. Now you can capture the measurements you need in seconds from a safe, convenient location—increasing productivity and efficiency.

A comprehensive measurement tool, the LaserAce 1000 rangefinder combines a laser distance meter, digital inclinometer, and sighting scope. Complete with Bluetooth® wireless technology, remote data is automatically integrated into GNSS workflows for a wide range of mapping and GIS applications.

The power to measure everywhere

The LaserAce 1000 rangefinder is an ideal solution for applications in a range of industries that need to capture remote measurements in situations where previously it would be impractical or unsafe to do so. A wide variety of applications benefit from the ability to calculate height and distance, such as determining clearance of power lines or between trees and buildings.

A powerful measurement tool by itself or the ideal complement to a Trimble GNSS handheld the LaserAce 1000 rangefinder is ideal for:

  • Utilities: Power pole or pylon inspection, measurement of power lines and clearance.
  • Local government: Street light inventory, locating assets on medians in busy roadways.
  • Environmental management: Tree height and width measurement and clearance, locating items on the other side of streams or obstacles.

For those working in forestry or mining your needs are met with industry-specific software variants for the LaserAce 1000 rangefinder:

The LaserAce 1000 Hypsometer software version helps foresters easily and efficiently measure the height, diameter (at any height), simple or 'taper' log volumes, and tree lean.

Putting real-time blasthole burden measurements in the palm of your hand the LaserAce 1000 Burden Finder software version allows the input of basic drilling parameters (drill angle, collar-crest distance and required minimum burden) and enables you to accurately determine rock face and blasthole burdens in 3 easy steps.

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