General information and rental pricing for some of our featured GPS Mapping systems is included below. For more information on any of our available GPS Mapping systems, training and related support services, please contact Jonathan Cobb at 518-438-6293, option "2" or by email at

Featured Rentals

GeoXH Handheld - High Accuracy GIS Mapping System

The Trimble GeoXH Handheld system is our most popular GPS unit for submeter or subfoot GPS/GIS mapping project. The system comes complete with TerraSync Professional field software and Pathfinder Office and optional rangepole & external antenna for optimal performance. The GeoXH can be configured for real-time or post-processed differential correction and is an excellent tool for mapping utilities, wetlands, highway signs, stormwater outfalls, and other point or line-based features.

Standard Rental Rates: GeoXH with Zephyr Antenna: $195/day; $650/week; $1,900/month

Trimble ProXRT GNSS Mapping System

The Trimble ProXRT Mapping System features a GNSS-enabled receiver that can provide submeter accuracy under tree canopy and within urban environments where satellite visability is limited. Also supplied with TerraSync and Pathfinder Office, the ProXRT can be equipped as part of a backpack field kit or used with a rangepole depending on field conditions or user preference. Differential correction can be achieved in real-time or by post-processing. With access to nearby GNSS correction data, the ProXRT is a highly-recommended solution for mapping wetlands and environmental resources in forested areas or collecting all types of features in metropolitan areas.

Standard Rental Rates: ProXRT with Zephyr Antenna: $200/day; $675/week; $2,000/month

Trimble ProXT Mapping System

The Trimble ProXT Mapping System is designed to handle a wide-variety of submeter-level mapping applications. Like our other standard mapping-grade GPS systems, the ProXT is supported by Trimble's TerraSync and Pathfinder Office software platforms and can be configured in multiple ways including lightwight setups for mounting the unit on a backpack, rangepole or even right on your hip. The ProXT can also be configured for real-time or post-processed differential correction and is an economical choice for many basic GPS/GIS mapping projects.

 Standard Rental Rates: ProXT GPS Mapping System: $160/day; $500/week; $1,775/month

  • All rates shown above include field and office software, batteries, chargers, cables and other standard accessories. ProXRT and ProXT systems are typically configured with Trimble Nomad data collectors with TerraSync Professional; other hardware or software options may be available upon request. 
  • Trimble standard mapping systems include built-in WAAS/SBAS for real-time differential correction. All systems can also be equipped with data-ready Bluetooth cell modems or wi-fi hotspot devices to enable Internet access to available real-time correction services.
  • Rental training services can be provided on-site or at our office facility at the beginning of any rental project. Technical support and quick reference guides are included with every rental. 
  • Purchase options are available with most rentals for customers who may be looking to evaluate certain mapping systems. Please ask us for details on typical rent-with-option-to-buy programs.