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Featured Rentals

Trimble TSC7 Controller

Big Screen Giant Potential

Introducing the Trimble TSC7, the rugged, ergonomic controller that delivers the power and flexibility of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Trimble Access software on a seven-inch touch screen. This powerful combination unleashes unlimited potential for your workflow. 

With the TSC7, you don't just get the big picture. You control it.

Rugged. Reliable. Unrivalled.

Rugged. Reliable. Unrivalled.

Redesigned from the ground up, the Trimble TSC7 controller with Trimble Access™ field software combines the power of a tablet, laptop and survey-rugged design into one device. Bringing the latest in field technology, this powerful combination of hardware and software unleashes a competitive advantage for how you survey in the field.

Controller Features:

  • 7-inch Touchscreen offers better visibility for 3D data mapping and scanning.

  • Improved Handling thanks to its lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic design.

  • Backlit Keypad lets surveyors work anywhere, anytime even in the dark.

  • Dual Cameras allow users to document and collaborate in the field.

  • Hot-Swappable Batteries mean users can better manage time in the field.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Operating System allows multi-tasking from the field.

  • Trimble Access 2018 software offers an intuitive user interface that improves workflows.

  • Modern Connectivity across GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi with EMPOWER modular units.

Trimble R10 model 2 Integrated GNSS System

R10-2, TSC7, 360 Scanning Prism, S7 Total Station utilization

R10-2, TSC7, 360 Scanning Prism, S7 Total Station utilization

Trimble R10 Model 2

Incorporates a GNSS antenna, receiver, Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi, an optional internal 450 MHz radio with receive and transmit options, and a battery in a rugged light-weight unit that is ideally suited as an all-on-the-pole RTK rover or quick setup/rapid mobilization base station. LEDs enable you to monitor satellite tracking, radio reception, data logging status, Wi-Fi status, and power.

Collect more accurate data faster and easier – no matter what the job or the environment, with the Trimble R10 GNSS System. Built with powerful technologies integrated into a sleek design, this unique system provides surveyors with a powerful way to increase data collection productivity in every job, every day.

  • Powerful 672-channel solution with Trimble 360 technology delivers the most advanced satellite tracking

  • Improved protection against sources of interference and spoofed signals

  • Connect to Android or iOS mobile devices running supported apps via Bluetooth®

  • Cutting edge Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine enables surveyors to measure points more quickly

  • Trimble SurePoint™ fully compensates for pole tilt. Conveniently measure points that were otherwise inaccessible with complete quality assurance

  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX delivers GNSS corrections via satellite or internet connection anywhere in the world with unprecedented speed and accuracy for a PPP solution

  • Trimble xFill® ensures less downtime in the field, with continuous RTK coverage during connection outages from an RTK base station or VRS network

  • Ergonomic design for easier and more comfortable handling

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Trimble SX10 scanning total station and S-Series total station positioning sensors

  • Pair with Trimble Access and the TSC7, TSC3, Slate or Trimble CU controller for the most powerful land surveying equipment solution on the market

Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station

Trimble S7 Total Station

Trimble S7 Total Station


The Trimble S7 Total Station combines scanning, imaging and surveying into one powerful solution. Now you only need one instrument on the job site to perform all your data capture.

The Trimble S7 is the ultimate system for efficient surveying, allowing you to adapt to any situation and increasing your productivity in the field. The combination of SureScan, Trimble VISIONTM, FineLockTM and DR Plus technology, along with many other features, means you’ll be able to collect data faster and more accurately than ever before.

Surveying, imaging and 3D scanning in one powerful solution:

  • Create 3D models, high accuracy visual site documentation, point clouds, and more using the Trimble S7, Trimble AccessTM field software and Trimble Business Center office software.

  • Improved Trimble VISION technology for video robotic control, scene documentation and photogrametric measurements

  • Trimble DR Plus for long range and superior accuracy

  • Complete field-to-office solution for quick data capture and processing

  • Seamless integrated surveying with Trimble GNSS receivers

Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

SX10, R10, Tablet, 360 Scanning Prism utilization

SX10, R10, Tablet, 360 Scanning Prism utilization

Combines surveying, imaging and high speed 3D scanning in one instrument

The Trimble SX10 scanning total station redefines the capabilities of everyday survey equipment by providing the world's most innovative solution for surveying, engineering, and scanning professionals. The Trimble SX10 will change the way you work. This new, versatile solution is capable of collecting any combination of high-density 3D scan data, enhanced Trimble VISION imaging, and high-accuracy total station data, allowing you to capture exactly what you need, saving you time and money on every job. Trimble’s new Lightning 3DM enables the SX10 to capture both high-accuracy total station measurements and true high-speed 3D scans together in a single instrument providing a higher level of accuracy and measurement performance than ever before.

Combines surveying, imaging and high speed 3D scanning in one revolutionary solution-

  • Trimble's high accuracy Lightning 3DM technology provides scanning range up to 600 m and the smallest spot size in the industry—a mere 14 mm at 100 m.

  • Utilizes Trimble Lightning scanning technology to scan up to 26,600 points per second captures a full dome scan in as little as 12 minutes.

  • Improved Trimble VISION™ technology allows for fast and easy capture of high resolution site imagery.

  • Complete integration with familiar workflows of Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center Software.