Terrain Navigator Pro (annual)


Terrain Navigator Pro (annual)


CATALOG NUMBER :  Varies by State/Region

Terrain Navigator® Pro (TNP) is a robust mapping platform combining built-in topographic maps and aerial photos with easyto-use mapping tools. Create map projects, annotate, edit, collect, import and export GIS
data and maps and synchronize across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Terrain Navigator Pro is sold as an annual subscription, and includes:

TNP Desktop

Desktop software comes bundled with high resolution scans of USGS topographic maps, current aerial photographs, satellite imagery, street maps, terrain maps, and more. Includes powerful tools to measure and add labels, marks, symbols, lines, routes, tracks, area fills, GIS data sets, and notes. Design professional maps using the built-in printing and publishing
tools. Layers, maps, and photos can be exported to be used in GIS and CAD software or image editor.

TNP Mobile
Use the TNP mobile app (iOS and Android) to collect GPS markers, tracks and geo-stamped photos and videos in the field and to sync all collected data across the mobile and desktop platform. The TNP Mobile App works in and out of cellular coverage, allowing accessing to pre-cached TNP maps and to TNP projects even when in remote locations.

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