To help our customers meet their short-term or long-term project needs, we offer an extensive range of preconfigured survey and mapping rental systems. All rental packages come complete with hardware, field & office software, cables, batteries, chargers and related accessories and can be shipped next day to your office or directly to your project site location as needed.

Waypoint's rental program includes the following groups of mapping-grade GPS systems, land survey systems, and related accessories and specialized equipment that can be configured and customized for your specific project applications:

Mapping-Grade GPS Systems

  • Trimble Geo7X Handhelds

  • Trimble GeoXH/XT Handhelds with 

  • Trimble ProXH/XT GPS Receivers

  • Trimble ProXRT GNSS Receivers

  • Trimble Pathfinder ProXR/XRS 

  • Trimble Nomad, Ranger, Yuma Field Computers

  • Trimble Zephyr and Hurricane Antennas

  • Laser Technology Trupulse and Impulse Series Laser Rangefinders

Survey-Grade GPS and Total Stations

  • Trimble R10 and R8s GNSS RTK/RTN Rovers

  • Trimble R9 GNSS Base Receivers

  • Trimble SX10 Spatial Station with Scanning

  • Trimble S5 and S7 Robotic Total Stations

  • Trimble M5 Mechanical Total Station

  • Trimble TSC3 Controllers with Access, Survey Controller or Survey Pro

  • Trimble TSC7 Controllers with Access, Survey Controller or Survey Pro

  • Trimble TDL450 Base Radio